Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Please continue...

...to pray for Emily. They are looking to sending her home on Thursday. Sometimes I wonder...do they send patients home too soon? Isn't a liver transplant one that would warrant an extended time if not for anything else but for observation? How many patients are sent home only to return with complications? What about psychologically with a surgery such as this? So - please continue to pray for Emily. Her family is very excited about the prognosis as are we all, however, some of us have concerns over rushing her home.

But, what do I know anyway? I'm not a doctor, just one who has questions!


Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

Thank You so much for stopping by my blog for the giveaway ..

Oh Gosh I am so glad for Emily and her family ..What a Blessing !!!

Well My Dad had Heart Surgery 3 years ago and the sent him home in 3 days ..even after his chest had been cracked open ..Our Dr. Said they would rather have them recooperate at home ..because the chances of catching another sickness in the hospital were so great ..at home that lessened immensely. All that said ..I can see the good in that ..but it was so much work for us here at home. Nonetheless ..I would rather have had him here at home than to get any other illnesses on top of the surgery. Maybe that is there consideration with Emily ..I imagine her body could be highly succeptible to other illnesses right now.

Have a Beautiful Day ..

Blessings ..Sara of Sweet Magnolias Farm

Angie Berry said...

Oh my! I was reading back over the story of Emily. How amazing is that! What an incredible testimony she (and her family) will have for God! Thank you Lord that You are still performing miracles!!