Sunday, April 11, 2010


Heading to Lancaster tomorrow for the day!!! Since my husband has some people coming over tomorrow, I figured I'd disappear for a little while! Hoping to bring back lots of goodies for my shop, for my garden, for my fridge and for my husband :)

Don't forget! Voting for the Mother's Day Challenge at The Old Farmhouse Gathering closes tomorrow. We need your votes!

On a sad note ~ we had yet another massacre here today. Why do people allow their dogs to just run loose? Three more of our chickens were torn to shreds! My dog doesn't run all over other's property and destroy their pets. The dog warden supposedly can't do anything until I get a picture of the dog in the act. Does that even make sense? We even have neighbors who are witnesses and that doesn't matter apparently. Can someone tell me how to get the dog to pose for a picture when it's in the middle of chasing and killing my chickens? I haven't figured that one out yet.


The Old Cupboard Door said...

Oh dear! Lucy, I can imagine how frustrating it is having that dog mow down your chickens. I agree, I can't understand why people let their dogs roam onto other peoples property. Well, I hope you manage to snap a pic of him in the act.

Have a fun time in Lancaster.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear that. What if that was a child would you still have to get a picture of the dog ravaging a child. Makes no sense at all. If it will kill chickens who is to say it won't harm a human???

nancy huggins said...

Maybe you could shoot the dog somehow and not kill him but have him so you can call and have him there plus you can take a picture...I have 4 dogs and they are not allowed out of our yard mostly for their safety...It is a shame when other dog owners can't take care of their dogs....I never blame the dogs...It is the owners that are to blame and should be fined

Sharon said...

I feel the same way. We keep our dog confined to our home. She has a nice big fenced area and then we also have a long chain we put her on in another part of the property when we are outside with her. Also, she gets walked every day on a leash. We do this for her safety and for consideration of our neighbors who have cattle. One of our neighbors has poisoned dogs that get in his pasture and even shot them! He shot his own son-in-law's dog!! However, he warned everyone ahead of time what he'd do if he found a dog in the pasture.

I'm so sorry you lost some chickens!!! Maybe the only way you can get a good pic of the perpetrator is to hold up one of your chickens and call to the dog while you snap his picture. Be sure your hubby is standing by you with a gun though for your own safety.