Saturday, September 4, 2010

Freedom, Liberty & Justice

Journal entry: September 26, 2005; 4:30 a.m.

Gettysburg, PA is a quaint, historic town. It's hard to picture the blood shed during the Civil War here on July 1, 2 & 3, 1863. (I guess if it wasn't for the fact of a raging battle, Gettysburg probably wouldn't even be on the map.)

There are monuments everywhere in memory of the different troups, Union and Confederacy, represented by the different states. There are statues of officers on horses, angels standing over the dead, and so many more. One statue that has haunted me and brought me to tears is one of a woman, head bowed, hand on her brow, shoulders slightly bent, shovel resting under one arm and a hand on her pregnant belly. To think how many women had to bury their husbands in shallow graves, loneliness and hard work to be faced in the days ahead, mouths of children waiting to be fed.

I struggle with the idea of war. I know it's a part of history, it always has been and will probably always be. I want to scream out how senseless it is but then there's the part of me that has embraced it knowing the freedoms we have in this country, the liberty, the freedoms, the justice. Are we truly free? Do we really have liberty?

Only in Jesus Christ do we have freedom, liberty and justice. Jesus died to set me free. In my walk with Him, I have tremendous liberty I wouldn't otherwise have. And justice - God is a righteous judge!

(We returned to Gettysburg on August 27, 2010 and knew that I needed to share with you all that I experienced emotionally then as well as now. I want you to know that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. We still find freedom, liberty and justice in Him and only in Him!)


rockriverstitches said...

Some day I'm going to get to the east coast! I've always wanted to visit Pennslyvania. Thanks for posting a widget for my etsy shop on your blog!! And happy belated anniversary! Hubby and I celebrated our 30th this May.


Anonymous said...

Lucy I know the emotions you were feeling at Gettysburg. When we went last summer I too felt things I had never thought of before.
To just look all around at the fields and think about all the bloodshed and sadness that lay there years ago. Thinking of someones father, brother son, uncle, being killed really hit me.
Being at war now scares us awful because of all the technology and weaponry that is out there plus all those who hate us. I never thought of the civil war being that devastating but it was just as horrible and frightening to them in their day as it is to us in ours.
One who has never been to Gettysburg needs to go and just stand and look at the fields. It really brings many things into perspective.