Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Request

Would you consider praying for my daughter Ann as she leaves today for Sierra Leone, Africa today? She will fly to London and then to Freetown. As mentioned in an earlier post, she will be serving the local people on board the ship Africa Mercy which is now docked. To view a slideshow of their arrival in port, please click here.

They are now in the process of patient screening with surgeries to begin just shortly following. Those arriving on board this week will probably hit the ground running. The volunteer crew will spend the next 10 months serving the forgotten poor, providing FREE life-changing surgeries, as well as other medical and dental care to those in desperate need. (Our daughter will only be there until May 12th.)

I will post from time to time updates on her ministry with Mercy Ships. Thanks for joining us as we pray for her, for the others involved in this ministry as well as the local people of Sierra Leone.


lisa said...

Your daughter will be in my prayers.. Lisa

Jo-Anne said...

Consider it done. My son recently returned from serving a 2 year church mission in Uganda and Ethiopia. It was hard to have him gone, but the things he learned and the growth he experienced was phenomenal. He loved it. :)
Looking forward to the updates!

Barb said...

You all are in my prayers! For her to be safe and for you and John to be comforted.

Trish-Ladybug said...

Thoughts and Prayers ... for your
daughter and that you and John
will have peace and comfort from
the Lord as well...

Warm Heartful Blessings


what a wonderful experience! Praying not only for her but all that will be working there, safety.