Thursday, April 28, 2011


racing waterlogged desktop wallpaper
[waw-ter-lawgd, -logd, wot-er-]
1. so filled or flooded with water as to be heavy or unmanageable, as a ship.

2. excessively saturated with or as if with water: waterlogged ground; waterlogged with fatigue.

That's how it is around here. Lots and lots of rain. You can't walk on the lawns. Ditches and roads being washed away. Fire alarms going off like crazy too! With all this rain, I'm hoping for some beautiful May flowers (that's if they don't drown first)!

Stay safe!!!


Raspberry Hill Crafts said...

I know it could be worse with tornadoes, with all the people affected, so horrible this spring. Yep it will be a while before my husband can get the mower out..we definitely need a dry week. The driveway fixers will be busy this year, I'm calling mine later.

Barb said...

Hi Lucy,
Waterlogged for sure! Sunny here with snow on its way tomorrow...Spring?!?
Enjoy your day,

Trish-Ladybug said...

So much heavy rain just not a good
start for Spring in your area ...
Contiune thoughts and prayers for
all those folks in the South...
Talk with Sis this morning the ground is so wet she can not get
her garden started...But they are