Sunday, May 22, 2011

Do you think there's something strange about this?

I'm pretty sure most of us have lots of different mugs in our cupboards. These are just a few that are used regularly in my house. What I'm wondering is - do you have a favorite mug that is used just for a favorite beverage? I do! And I'm beginning to think that this might be a strange habit. Let me show you what I'm talking about:

This mug here is my morning coffee mug. That's all I drink out of that mug at home in the morning. I own a few of these in case I have company in the morning for coffee. However, if I have company over for breakfast, I will serve coffee in a smaller coffee cup, which could be a plain white Corelle cup or a fancier floral cup and saucer. It depends on what I'm serving for breakfast or what dishes I'm using.

Do you see where I'm going with this yet? No? Let me continue!

This mug is the mug I usually give my husband to have when he's not working so that we can have coffee together. I only have a couple of these and I usually reserve them for him. I do not give him coffee usually in the first mug I pictured above because I'm partial to those myself and I think I might be selfish. Is this odd?

The mug shown below with the Rooster on it is reserved for tea. Tea for me or tea with friends. These mugs have never held anything in them but tea. I especially enjoy tea on a chillier evening. I very rarely drink tea during the day and I never drink tea in my coffee mug!!!

I'm really starting to wonder if I'm a little strange.

Now for my last mug (which really isn't the only mug left that I have - I had my special mug that I drank coffee in at work, I have mugs that my grandchildren use for tea or hot chocolate, and I have special hot chocolate mugs that I use and there are others as well). Okay I digress thinking about the mugs that I own.

This mug is a favorite for my Frappe's!!! My daughter and son-in-law gave me a Mr. Coffee Frappe machine that is wonderful. I love Micky D's Caramel Frappes but after learning how many calories and how much fat is in one medium frappe, I had to quit. But since I received my own maker as a gift, I have tweaked my own Chocolate Caramel Frappe which I only serve in the clear glass mug.

What started me thinking about whether or not this behavior regarding my mugs is strange was yesterday. My daughter and grandchildren spent a few hours here and it was very warm. We decided that it would be a good day to enjoy a Chocolate Caramel Frappe. The first time I made one for my daughter she commented that she thought mine tasted better than the Caramel Frappe at Micky D's. Yesterday she said again that she thought they tasted better but she also said that the mug I used was the perfect mug for it and maybe that was why. (Is she displaying the same strange behavior that I am? No matter, they are still delish!!!)

I go back to my original question: Do you think there's something strange about this? Do you have favorite mugs that you use only for your favorite beverages OR am I the only one out there that does this?!?

(After I read this to my husband, he laughed and said "Oh, that's why you give me coffee in this mug and you use the other one". - After 32 years of marriage, we still don't know EVERYTHING about each other!!!)


TheCrankyCrow said... I think it strange? Most definitely....I use a variety of mugs for my morning coffee - and have been known to let others use the same mugs - and even have had hot chocolate in them. However, my glasses, on the other hand, are an entirely different story...I have my milk glass (a yellow tupperware one) and my favorite wine glass - and my son has his milk glass and company gets served out of different glasses...and.... :o)
Smiles & Hugs, Robin

ShirleyC said...

Not strange at all! I have several favorite mugs that I also use at different times of the day. LOL

Sarndra said...

Hi, no its not strange- I do the same thing. I am pregnant now and have avoided caffeine, but back in the good old coffee days I had a special morning coffee mug and an afternoon tea mug. I drink green tea now and then at the moment with a gorgeous little white china tea cup and saucer. its true what ive heard; if you make the little things in your day beautiful (like a tea cup) then in turn your life becomes beautiful. i also use a gorgeous antique silver tea set that my best friend gave us for a wedding present- i dont believe in 'saving' the best things far up high in a cupboard- i use this set when my girl friends come over. life is too short to 'save' the best.
Thanks for visiting my blog- look forward to reading more of yours :-)
All the best, xxo sarndra

Kristine said...

I have certain mugs too, so if it's strange then we can all be strange together.

Tins and Treasures said...

Good evening, Lucy,
LOL...I don't think it is strange either. I have certain mugs that I use on certain days of the week!

Have a terrific Tuesday ~Natalie