Saturday, March 17, 2012

Loch's Maple & Fiber Mill

What a beautiful day in Northeast Pennsylvania!!!! Perfect day to visit Randy & Jamie Loch of Loch's Maple & Fiber Mill. Today and tomorrow they are hosting their 15th Annual Open House. They have been producing local Maple Syrup for 20 years and their product line continues to grow. It's a wonderful thing to have a great, sweet product made right here in my own little hometown. This is such a well attended event and we were a little late for their 1:00 seminar on the tapping, collecting and boiling of the sap. Because we were a little late, I wasn't able to get any pictures, but you can always visit their website by clicking on the photo below:

Not only are Randy and Jamie producers of local maple syrup, they also have a fiber mill on their property. This is quite an operation! They are so busy with this business that they have a 15 month turnaround. Their mission is to join in the preservation of agriculture and traditional trades. They are always willing to teach others about the industries that made America strong. If you raise Sheep, Alpaca, Llama, Angora and are looking for a company that you can trust, please visit them by clicking the photo below:

If you are ever traveling through the Northeast Pennsylvania region, they also have a shop where you can purchase a variety of their products. You may need to contact them for their hours of operation. Year-round you can always purchase their products on-line by shopping their on-line catalog. Just click here to see what they have to offer.

Below are just a few photos that I was able to take today.

 Baby bottle fed lambs.
Can you see the diapers?

I would have loved to get some pictures of some of the local artisans who were there demonstrating weaving, spinning, soap making, and blacksmithing but unfortunately I was unable to. Please support your local artisans who strive to keep these vital arts alive.


Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Sounds like a lovely way to spend a day Lucy! My aunt and uncle have a maple sugar bush in Quebec, there is nothing in the world like real maple syrup, it is so delicious! And those lambs are so adorable, is there anything cuter?! Thanks for sharing your great pictures, Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Vicky said...

I LOVE these kind of events and sadly, we don't have many around here. Those babies in the diapers are adorable!!! Thanks for sharing the info regardless of the lack of pics. I think most of us are creative enough to 'see' it anyway!

Kim said...

SOunds like you had a great day! Those little lamb diapers are too cute :D

Baggaraggs: said...

That sounds like a lovely way to spend the day. Hugs, Robin

bszejk said...
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bszejk said...

What fun! My family produces their own maple syrup in Acme, PA., near Ligonier if you are at all familiar. (I am actually from the southwest part of PA.) I have actually visited Montreal and Quebec and while there visited a syrup producing family...I wonder if they are Deb's relations? lol Thanks so much for sharing!

Linda Welcome said...

I just loved this visit..almost made me feel I could take a day off!

Angie Berry said...

Wow, that would be SO much fun Lucy! I wish there was something like that around here. The baby lambs are so cute!! What a neat place. Thank you for sharing your pictures, makes me wish I was there!

Have a delightful week~

Firecracker Kid said...

That's cool! Love the little baby lambs with the diapers. I love the idea of them spinning their own wool and living off the land. Thanks for sharing Lucy :o)

Lady Laura's Dolls said...

That sounds like quite an adventurous day! Great photos and an enjoyable blog. Thanks for sharing.

The Ugly Barn Farm said...

That is so wonderful to be able to do what one loves for work, and what a 'sweet' job in producing maple syrup! Not to mention working with baby lambs in itty bitty diapers! Thank you for sharing!! :)