Sunday, November 13, 2016

Thy Word is Truth - Proverbs 15:1

Have you ever thought about how your words sound to others?

I know that, more often than I care to mention, my mouth can run quicker than my brain can think. I don't often stop to think about the words used nor the tone in which they are delivered. I often think that the words I have said were gentle and kind only to find out that I have offended or hurt someone.

I must admit that over the years I have gotten quieter and don't say what I'd like to say but will hold my words in check before spewing them out. Because I have been spending so much time in God's Word, the Bible, over the years, He has shown me areas in my life that needed and still need to change. This verse is no exception. Understanding that my sharp tongue may have kindled many a fire, I have prayed that my words would become gentler and kinder so as to diffuse anger.

Am I there yet? Have I arrived to perfection? I bow my head, avoid eye contact and must admit that my brain still tends to be a lot slower than my mouth. I have gotten a better handle on the words that I use but most of my struggles come in with my tone of voice. Now, I can (and have) used the New Jersey girl attitude as my excuse but there is never an excuse to use my words and/or tone as a weapon to kindle a fire or get my own way.

I take comfort in knowing that while here on earth, I have a new opportunity to get this right. So, how about you and I take today and let our brains do the thinking and our ears do the listening before our mouths make even a sound? Are you with me today?

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