Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cake and Gift #3

My granddaughter, Julia, is celebrating her 5th birthday tomorrow!!! It seems like yesterday we welcomed our first grandchild into the world and now she's getting ready for Kindergarten. She is a true little girl who loves her princesses and her ponies, so she requested a Princess Pony cake for her birthday. I could have bought the pan for this but just as for my grandson's first birthday, I couldn't justify buying a pan to use only once - soooooooo I created my own using the photo as a guide. Certainly not perfect by any means, but......

I want to thank my friend Holly for the inspiration for my granddaughter's gift. She had made a Puppet Theater for her grandson which was fabulous. I loved it so much and knew that Julia would love it too, I had to go in search of a pattern for my granddaughter. I think she'll be happy with it - what do you think?

Thank you Holly for inspiring me!!! Miss you!

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Angie Berry said...

Another beautiful cake! What a fun present that will be for your granddaughter! My kids went through the puppet phase too and it is sweet. So much fun to watch their imaginations go wild. You did a wonderful job on that theater!