Saturday, January 29, 2011

Word Up Sewing Party

I've decided to join a Word Up Sewing Party! The idea was to come up with a word that could have a huge impact on your life. I've gone over and over and over in my head what word I would choose and have come up with what I think may be exactly the one I'm looking for (at least I think so :)

My word for the year is, believe it or not, Decisive!!! I struggle a lot of time with making decisions. I struggled with joining the Word Up challenge. I struggled with joining a Valentine Swap with my Old Farmhouse Gathering Team. I struggled with joining a Mug Mat swap with my friend Donna at Brynwood Needleworks. Truth be told, I struggle with lots of decisions that I need to make. I make them, I second guess myself, I change my mind, I decide on something else, I second guess myself . . . you get the picture.

So today, after struggling for weeks, I have decided  that my word for this year is Decisive!!! So, I have decided to join the Word Up Sewing Party! I have decided to join the Valentine Swap! I have decided to join the Mug Mat swap!

I have decided what I will be working on today. Here's a glimpse of the fabrics that I will be using today to sew up a couple of Mug Mats:

I have also decided that I will finish what I have set out to do today. Will keep you posted on my progress!!!


Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Hi Lucy! What a great word - and look how well it's going already! I'm so glad you're joining us for the sewing party - and looking forward to seeing your project!!!

Dandelion Quilts said...

Lucy, cute fabrics...and great word choice. Don't forget to link up again when you repost! :) Have fun!

Angie Berry said...

Haha, I am so with you girl. I am very indecisive too. It frustrates my hubby at times and even me sometimes, lol.

I love the fabrics that you used. They coordinate so well, love the cherries.