Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You Could Knock Me Over With A Feather!!!

I admit that I thoroughly enjoy signing up for my fellow bloggers giveaways!!! I have won a few and am always so excited to receive my goodies in the mail.

Today I was fortunate to be able to leave work early and stop at the Post Office to pick up my mail. I saw the little yellow card in my mailbox and knew that my package must be here from Linda at Parker's Paradise!!! When my Postmaster Joe asked where my car was parked, I was confused. Why would he need to know where I was parked??? When he came around with this huge box, I was even more confused. It couldn't be my win!!! I didn't order anything and I was sure my husband didn't order anything either. Could it be my win?
When Joe put the box in the back of my car, I was still confused but then he tipped the box for me to see the return address and sure enough it was from Linda!!!!!!!! Holy cow - what did I actually win???!!!???

I couldn't wait to get home and tear through the box. I have to tell you I'm still shocked at the generosity of this awesome lady!!! Even my dog Maggie was excited to see what was in the box. (Sorry Maggie - no cookies for you in there!) Here are some pics I wanted to share:


Stop by and visit Linda at Parker's Paradise. She is one awesome lady!!!


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

You are most welcome! I love to see the smile in your words. I really enjoy making people happy.
A word to explain---the straw trivet-I found 2 of them at Goodwill and couldn't pass them up. That beautiful cross stitching in the center. So much work.....and they were 38 cents each! Isn't that a scandal?
And seriously, I couldn't fit the signs in a smaller box. I'm glad you like your goodies! : )

Pat said...

What a great surprise on a winter day. A great collection of goodies!

Morgan said...

Wowie! I totally shared your excitement, just reading your post! The peek inside your goody box was a BONUS! Thanks for the smile. How sweet, and generous, indeed! :0) ~M

Angie Berry said...

Wow!! Linda was VERY generous!! What an awesome win, Congratulations!