Sunday, July 10, 2011

Barn Renovation - Day 1

The weather yesterday was absolutely perfect to start our barn project. Temps were comfortable, no humidity and a beautiful breeze!!! With just my husband working on the barn (and me doing some grunt work), we accomplished about an 8 foot section on the south side. This is actually the more difficult side to do so it's good to have started there. Once this side is done, the rest should be a breeze. We know that this side will be the location of the attached greenhouse. The way my husband is designing the greenhouse, he will even be able to put a deck above. Looks a little high to me but from the inside of the barn and if the plans work out the way we think they will, the entrance to the deck will be from a 4th level within the barn. 

Here's some pics from the work accomplished:

Just beginning to tear off an 8 foot section.

Working steadily!!!

View from inside the barn.

New wood waiting to go on!

John is very good about cleaning up as he goes along with all the projects he works on! 
Makes it easier at day's end!

Section removed and ready to go!

Measuring the first board!

Marking the cutting line. (I spy a little yellow chick!)

Now let me stop here for a minute to update you on the pencil!!! This pencil has been in our family for more than 20 years. Most men would use a typical construction pencil or at the very least a #2. Working on our former house in New Jersey and having two small children, pencils were not always easy to come by so you made do with whatever you could get your hands on. This pencil became my husband's favorite marking pencil. Not only does he use it to mark what needs cutting, he also likes to tease the dog with it. She has even gone so far as to steal the pencil on various occasions. Here she is trying to retrieve what she believes belongs to her:

Maggie and "her" pencil!

Almost finished!!!

Now in case you are thinking that I did nothing but take pictures all day, I need to tell you that I was the one who carried the old wood away, took out all the rusty nails and stacked the wood in piles. I also made sure that John had lots and lots of cold water. Oh, and I helped put the nails in using the nail gun!!! I actually put the first new nail in:

Not the best nail placement but hey it was my first time (not to mention it scared me when it shot in there)!

Hope I haven't bored you to tears but we are excited!


lilraggedyangie said...

Wow such a beautiful olde barn , you two sure have a lot of work ahead of you but it will be gorgeous when your done!thanks so much for sharing,if only more people cared so much for their wonderful historic barns. Big plans for the old wood? o the things you can make! lol I cant wait to see it when its done! have a great day ! hugs lil raggedy angie

TheCrankyCrow said...

Wowsers....when you said you were going to renovate the barn, I didn't think you meant IMMEDIATELY!! Yikes, I better get that magazine in the mail to you!! What a great thing that you and John can work on this project together and do it yourselves....Will make the completed project even more of a treasure! Have a wonderful Sunday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin