Saturday, August 15, 2015

A Product Review and a Request

I ordered fabric from Connecting Threads called Cottage Chic. The package arrived yesterday and I was so happy with my purchase!!! Every time I walked by the stack of beautiful fabric, I couldn't help but stop, look and feel. The soft pastel colors which includes silver, mint and pink made me smile and excited that they were all mine.

This morning when I went to prewash my beautiful collection, I was awed!!! I couldn't believe my eyes. Let me explain:

Normally when I shop for fabric whether in the shops or online, the fabric is folded with the right side out. Not realizing that the fabric I received from Connecting Threads is folded with the wrong side out, when I opened it up to wash, the colors popped. I believe I even said "wow"!!!

I highly recommend Connecting Threads if you are looking for fabric that you can't find anywhere else. The prices are fantastic, the delivery time is quick, quick, quick and the quality of the fabric is amazing. If you are interested in seeing this line or their other lines, click on the photos above.

Now, I need your help!!! What to do with this gorgeous collection? Can anyone suggest a quilt pattern that would work well with these fabrics?

PLEASE NOTE: I am not being paid or compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are solely my own.

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Colleen said...

Oh I love pastels!!!! Anything I can make with pastels I do. This is a great collection of them too. I would think maybe a flower basket quilt would be good with all the pastels. :)

The Farmer's Attic said...

Colleen...I was oohing and aahing like crazy! I love the idea of a flower basket quilt. Thanks so much! Off to check out some patterns 😁