Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A longing...

...for days gone by.

I believe in God. I believe that God planned from the foundation of the world the exact time He desired for me to be come into this world. I believe that God has a plan and a purpose for my life in the year 2010 and looking forward to 2011.

But (isn't there usually a "but"), there are times when I feel that I was born at the wrong time, during the wrong era and that I'm doing the exact opposite of what I'm naturally drawn to do.

I read this quote this morning and saw this photo. I am drawn into this photo and am longing! Longing to live in a time when life may have been hard but was simpler, when people were born, were raised, married, rasied their children and died in the same community surrounded by family and friends who loved them, worked side by side with them and were there to help fill a need as was opportunity.

"Me thinks it is a token of healthy and gentle characteristics, when women of high thoughts and accomplishments love to sew; especially as they are never more at home with their own hearts than while so occupied." ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

Is it wrong to feel this way sometimes? I don't think so. It helps me to focus on what I need to do today to draw other women into a community that works together, laughs together and loves together. As I look at that photo, I have a responsibility as an older woman to be coming alongside the younger women teaching them to love God, to love their husbands, to love their children, to work honestly with their hands and hearts.

Pray with me today as I seek God's opportunities in the midst of this rat race world to be the woman He has created me to be! May I find time to be still in the hustle and bustle of the day to hear the still, small voice of my God who desires to speak to my heart. "Let us be silent that we may hear the whisper of God." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


Lorna/Live Oak Primitive Peddler said...

What a beautiful post. I understand exactly how you feel. I am almost 62 and when I think how things have changed in my lifetime it is unbelievable. I too often find myself wishing for "simpler" times. I join you in your prayer for yourself and for me as well, to be still and hear that whisper.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that longing is God telling us something. I too have had such a longing to live simpler. I have longed to live in a situation where it is almost like the Amish. NO phones, no internet, no outside world.No distractions to keep me from the Lord. Live truly as He wants me to. I know I can do that now and I do my best to but that simpler time is really calling out to me.
I actually have been going through the house and getting rid of stuff I do not need. I have too much. Why do we bog ourselves down with so much stuff?
Lucy you have discipled me well and I miss our studies together. You are a true blessing to anyone that comes to know you.
Love you Sister,

The Brickhouse said...

I think of it often..how nice it would be to live back then when life was simpler. Lately my yearning for a life like that is getting stronger ...something is stirring me...maybe it is like Lorna says "be Still and hear that whisper"...thank you for this wonderful post....hugs,

flyonthewall said...

Wow! I stumbled across your blog today and am very touched and blessed by today's entry. Were you inspired by Titus 2:3-5? God seems to be leading me in such ways, too. Your writing today has encouraged me to spend more time in prayer about this and be more open to His leading...especially in regard to "building" a community of relationships with other woman to encourage one another in our walks with the Lord. Thank you for your words of wisdom. May the Lord bless you richly!

Anonymous said...

I have been wrestling with this for a long time. I can't control the world, but I can control what I do. So, maybe God is calling women who believe in Him to simplify their lives. My husband is a pastor and I have been feeling a need to begin a women's prayer and Bible study at our church. Since I am basically a shy person, I ask for a sign from Him that this was REALLY from Him. I am encouraged after reading your post and the comments. Thanks for being honest. Connie

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Your post touches my heart. I remember much simpler times. I remember how my grandparents lived and I long for those days. My maternal grandparents lived on a real farm. The only time they went to town was to go to church. It was not a simple life or an easy life. They raised 8 children on that farm. I remember watching Grandpa milk the cows and gathering eggs for Grandma. I remember feeding lambs from a big glass bottle with a black nipple. I remember climbing the plum tree and eating until my belly was full and my face was sticky with juice.Grandma taught me to embroider and to cherish buttons. Everything they had was what they made. My paternal grandparents lived on an island in the Mississippi River--no electricity, phone, utilities of any kind. Grandpa was a commercial fisherman until he lost his sight. I can remember going with them to commodity day to get sugar, flour, salt and coffee. It was distributed to the people from a hay wagon. It was very common in the fifties. Their lives were truly primitive. Grandma used a treadle sewing machine to make all our clothes, dolls, teddy bears and doll clothes from cast-off clothes. There was no going to the fabric outlet. Being the oldest, I at least got to wear things first! I remember sitting on the floor and watching that treadle. She could really make it hum. I remember being able to wade anytime I wanted because the river was only about a block from our house. I remember going to school barefooted and running home for lunch. Primitive-yes. Simple-yes. Easy-no. Did I love it? You bet I did!!!!

Sharon said...

I believe that longing you are describing is felt by many of us and that it is put there by God because a simpler life leaves us more time for us to hear His gentle voice.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I too feel that I was born a 100 years too late..I love that photo and the kinship they all have..working together and times were so simple back then..:)

Anonymous said...

You mentioned "I believe that God created me at the exact time He desired for me to be come into this world."

Not sure of your tenses but in Psalm 139:16, it says

16 "Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect; and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them."

How exciting is that? Right from the beginning of time (creation) your days were written....before any of them came to be.

I often think about how I was born in the wrong era. I love all things Victorian, pioneer.......simplicity and purity.
I did love the picture you used too.

Sandra nz

Trish-Ladybug said...

Words of Wisdom said so perfectly
in every way, Believe the next
powerful waking in Our Country will come about from Women of Prayer
Think about what you are saying
Lady's you all on the same page
"Be" Still and listen to the Whisper and the Foot Steps Coming..

Connie many years ago I stepped out in Faith to start a Womans Bible Study it was small but what a blessing the Lord help me over come many things and He will do the same for you.. Praying for your direction in His perfect Will

Enjoyed each everyone of your wonderful comments Enjoy seeing so
many women around my age todays my 67th Birthday unbelieveable all the changes in my lifetime...

Yes we are to teach the Younger Women in love and compassion just like the posts say !!!

When I started my Blog four months
ago did know the direction I was
going what to share or to post.
I'm listening with open heart to
that Whisper
Joining you all in prayer that we
can be still and listen...
In this short time I have connected
with some awesome Women of FAITH
who love God, Family, Country who have become my Friends in Sisterhood

Many Blessings

Angie Berry said...

A beautiful post, Lucy! Every time I visit the Amish community down the road from me, I always ponder these things. After a visit there this week, I was wondering if they are drawn to our crazy, busy world like I am drawn to their simple life.

I have been learning over the past couple of years and especially this year about the command that God gives in Titus 2. I used to be one of the younger women gleaning from the older women. But I now realize that I'm transitioning to the "other side". I am seeing how God is using my experiences to help the younger women. It is a big responsibility, along with teaching our children but it is a joy and a blessing to be used by God in such a way. Thank you Lucy for your thoughts. I appreciate you sharing God on your blog.