Monday, June 6, 2011

Do You Have A Favorite?

When I'd first gotten married (almost 32 years ago), my husband and I (mostly me) were asked what it was we'd like to collect for our home. Neither one of us had to spend too much time thinking about it - we already knew what we liked. So for the past 32 years we have been collecting pigs. If you stepped inside our home and spent any time with us, it would soon become evident that that is what we have all around our home. I've lost count now but at one point we had over 200 pigs in various forms - from cloth to ceramic to brass to resin and most any other form that's out there. We have mugs, creamers, banks, plates, salt and pepper shakers, napkin holders, butter dishes, serving trays and more. We have pigs in ballerina tutus, pigs in gondolas, sleeping pigs, pigs rolling on their backs and even a pig with a broken foot. Have you ever heard of the game Pig Mania? We have that too! We have white pigs, black pigs, brown pigs and of course pink pigs.

Most of the pigs we've collected over the years were gifts to us for various events; birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas. We have pigs that we've retired because they've become fragile over time.  Even though my decorating style and colors have changed over the years, we have never lost our love for pigs. In fact, whenever we visit the local fairs in the summer, I tend to want to spend the most time with the pigs. I'm fascinated by their prickly hair, their thick skin, curly tail and their wet, curious snouts. In fact, we even owned a Pot Belly pig at one time. Boy, I could tell you stories about that time in our lives :) All I will say about that period in our lives is "Duh, what were we thinking?!?" We weren't even living in PA at the time. We were living in a city in Northern New Jersey (in fact we lived 11 miles outside of New York City)! We did own our home here in PA and would travel in our Ford Escort wagon with our two kids, dog and pig for long weekends! Made for a very interesting 2 1/2 hour ride.

Okay, you know a little more about me. What about you? Is there a favorite collectible you have in your home?


TheCrankyCrow said...

That's truly precious, Lucy!! (And those pigs in the photo are really cute...) I have so many things I collect I lose track of them all....but, as far as something that I've collected for a long, long time and still collect now...hmmmm...I'd have to say molds...(No, silly - NOT that gross black stuff that grows on walls...!) Chocolate molds, cheese molds, pudding molds, butter molds, sugar molds, you-name-it molds. Guess I like the idea of "molding" things....I think it's remarkable that you and your family have managed to keep that theme alive for so long....most of us are more fickle than that! And thanks for making me think! Smiles, hugs, & goods wishes for the coming week! Robin

Michelle May (Shell) said...

They're to cute! I can just imagine you owning a pot belly pig in NJ! Oh my gosh that's funny!
I collect bunnies, but you probably already figured that out. hee,hee,hee.
xx, shell