Friday, June 17, 2011


Peonies are truly one of my favorite flowers. The plants can grow very large and the blooms are just gorgeous. It seems that every year the flowers are more beautiful than they were the year before. It also seems that just as they begin to open we have a huge wind and rain storm which knocks that heavy blossoms down. (I tell myself that I will remember next year to stake the plant and every year it's the same thing - I forget!!!)

Single large open blossom. 

Peonies growing among the Hostas. 
Makes a striking arrangement! 

Peonies are a great flower for cutting 
and makes a beautiful centerpiece. 

Peonies come in a variety of colors. 

Try growing some in your flower garden.
Can be grown in most any state in the US!


TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh Lucy - I love peonies too! In fact, when my DH and I got married and moved here, our neighbors brought a huge bouquet of them to welcome us - they later shared some of there plants with us. Unfortunately, the past couple years have taken a toll (either that, or the man with an affinity for Round-Up got to them) - Only have about 3 plants left....Gonna have to see if I can get some replacements....Have a wonderful tomorrow! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

T's Daily Treasures said...

Sadly they won't grow here. They are beautiful! Have a fabulous Friday. Tammy

wvluckygirl primitives said...

Oh Lucy your peonies are so beautiful. I only have pink ones. They have bloomed and already faded. I love the smell of them when they are blooming. Such a shame they only bloom once a year. Becky

jennifer768 said...

Your peonies are gorgeous ! Love how they look planted in with the other plants.Very eye catching.Have a great weekend .Jen

Kristine said...

They're beautiful...and I love the smell....