Thursday, December 31, 2009

The End of a Decade!

It's amazing to me how fast time flies! It seems like everyone was in a panic because we were facing the year 2000. Now look - we are ready to turn the decade to 2010!!! It is my prayer that this New Year will find each of us drawing closer to our Lord, spending more time with family and friends and finding more time to rest from our very busy lives. Life is too short and time goes too fast for us to just let it all pass us by. Let's really begin to live, love and laugh not just hang a sign on our wall!

The Farmer's Attic will be closed January 1, 2010. There are changes coming for the new year! I'll keep you "posted" :)

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The Old Cupboard Door said...

Happy New Year Lucy. I hope beautiful blessing come your way this new year.

Prim Smiles